Hey Ya’ll! My name is Cara and WELCOME to my site. I recently decided to try my hand at blogging because I love to write as an outlet, and I thought, if my outlet could be informative to just a few people, “that might be helpful, too”! So, the information you will find on this blog is a little bit of everything, because I feel like that is truly a reflection of the lives in which we currently live. You will see information on my adventures (I choose that word because life truly is an adventure) as a wife, mother, professional, home-maker, house keeper, dog mom, and the list goes on (as I am sure so many of your lists do, too). If you haven’t already noticed, this blog will also be full of parentheses (because I love a little side note)! Enjoy!!

Wedding photo by: Nachyelli Photography

Newborn photos by: Brittany Brooks Photography