The “EMBARASSING” things your little one does…

…that you NEVER, EVER, considered happening before you became a parent!

Now, please understand that when I say “EMBARASSING,” it is with a very big smile and a warm and fuzzy feeling heart! I cannot possibly speak for every parent, but before I became a mother, I NEVER even considered some of the hilarious things that would occur because of my child. But, BOY, do your kiddos keep things REAL! Nothing is more humbling than being a parent and here are a few moments that I look back on with a HUGE smile and sometimes even LOL at the mere memory!

1.) Leaky Bladder. Now this is not something that my son DID per say, but it is certainly something he caused! Before I was pregnant and became a mother, I heard others discuss bodily shift, but MAN…push a 9lb plus baby out…and things for sure CHANGE! This change certainly serves you up a hefty slice of “humble pie” and unexpected and usually inconvenient times.

2.) MAN Farts! My little guy has had these down since day one! I remember and still actively experience holding my perfect and adorable little one, thinking “nothing could be sweeter in the world”…and then WOMP!!!! This is usually followed by an explosion of laughter (sometimes attempting to hold it in when he is FINALLY asleep)! Also, those times when it occurs in public and you feel the need to say, so strangers can hear, “Oh goodness sweet boy!,” to make sure the strangers know it wasn’t you!


3.) Public “melt-downs.” These are tough, in the moment you literally feel like no one else in the world has ever experienced anything like it! The funniness does not occur in the moment, but in reflecting on the experience; because more times than not, the reason for their tantrum is totally understandable and honestly something that you wish you could do sometimes as an ADULT!

4.) Crying at the sight of you! I don’t know about you all, but I almost feel like, “I hope they (strangers, teachers, relatives, etc.) don’t think he is upset to see me!? I really try soooo hard to be a good Mama!” I know, though, these sweet moments are really cries of relief. They are my little one’s way of saying “Thank goodness you are finally here…I MISSED YOU!” Cherish these times, because one day your little one may not REALLY express missing you so much and with such raw/natural emotion!

5.) Finding out what makes them a boy/girl. Currently, this “part” is SO COOL for my son! Like “WOW…Did you know that was there?!”

6.) SNEAKY spit-ups!! You just really can’t help but smile when you are experiencing these moments…or you might just cry! HAHAHA! My little guy had some issues with acid reflux so this was something very regular for me until his little GI system matured a bit. I am sure many people have gone through this! These are just a few of the many examples of “spit happens” moments that might resonate: during cute photo ops, on fancy clothes of relatives, oh and those couple of times when you actually feel cute and then you are out in public and glance in a mirror and BLAH (pun intended) there it is on the back of your shoulder!

7.) DRAMATIC pooping sessions! I am literally laughing as I write this because my son has CHAMP-like pooping sessions! The noises and faces he makes has had so many individuals in stitches soooooo many times! The best is when it happens in a restaurant! HILARIOUS! What makes it even better is he feels the need to make eye contact with you when he goes! AWKWARDLY HILARIOUS! One plus, besides of course the years of stress these moments erase because of the laughter experienced, perhaps he will be easy to potty train!? He certainly has observable potty signs! Check out the video below and you will totally understand what I mean!

I share this information because these are some things that give light and laughter to some of the challenges parenting presents! I am sure there are so many more, and I haven’t even gotten to the significant talking phase with my little guy so I know there will be more then, but these are just some that make me smile and laugh daily! I hope they do the same for you, and if you would like to share, I would love to hear some of your hilarious stories as well (comment below)!

Until next time, here is to many more “EMBARRASSING” moments! ENJOY!!!!

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