BLOCK IT…You Well-Heeled Mamas!!

Being a mother changes and shifts so many things (literally and figuratively!); however one thing stays the same (at least in my case), we all like to look and feel our best! I am not sure about you, but heels have ALWAYS been an extra boost to my confidence, especially on those days when I am not feeling the hottest.

Since, becoming a mother, I feel like the days of not feeling the hottest are quite possibly a bit more frequent. While I am amazed at what my body and mind has been through in the process of and since becoming a mother, the limited amount of time I now have to focus on myself certainly contributes to me not feeling the hottest at times. However, as with everything that comes along with motherhood, I feel like I have just had to get strategic about it all! Which is exactly what I have done in the heel department!

All I can say, is this trend of blocked/stacked heels could not have come at a better time for me. I have certainly embraced the trend! What is great about it is I get to throw on my confidence elevating heels with increased comfort and stability not found in typical/classic stiletto-esque heels! While I still love wearing those, I find that I now have a tendency to save them for rare adult-nights out.

The blocked/stacked heel is wonderful because I feel confident in my stability when toting around my wonderful little man and all of the extras that come along with the gift of being a mother.

With all that said, my suggestion to all you Mamas and women in general…get yourself a pair of stacked heels and ENJOY!!

Here are my two favorite styles of the moment. I have them both in two different colors!! And…at this very moment…thanks to the fabulous holiday sales…you can get them on sale! I may have to stock up!!


The shoes pictured are the Yardley Lace-Up Sandal and the Sable Over the Knee Boot (both Sam Edelman). Click on the hyperlink to see the best price I found for both shoes!



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