Can Baby See??

so these are definitely not corrective glasses…but they sure make for a cute picture!

Well, did you know you can find out for free??!! I didn’t until I took my little guy to the eye doctor at the recommendation of my pediatrician.

My pediatrician recommended the visit, not because Deacon seemed to be having a hard time seeing (or any more than expected for his age), but because he has a pupil slightly bigger than the other. I don’t think anyone would even notice, but I checked it out early on because I happen to have the SAME pupil slightly bigger than the other. I did not realize this on myself until I was about eight, and an optometrist recommended we go back and look at baby pictures to make sure my eyes had always been that way; such an occurrence can be a sign of something serious. Well, it turns out I was fine, and we had every reason to believe our little one was as well, but just to be safe, my pediatrician recommended we go in for an eye exam to make sure everything looked happy and healthy with Deacon’s eyes and for some baseline data.

When I got to the optometrist (I took Deacon to Today’s Vision in Bulverde, if you are looking and in the San Antonio area) and when I was filling out the paperwork I was informed that the exam would be free because Deacon was under the age of one and they participate in the InfantSEE program (not everyone does). I couldn’t believe it! When I got home I looked into the program more and it turns out that they actually recommend little ones to have an exam around the 6 month mark (who knew!?). The exam can test for vision problems (nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism) and also look for movement and eye health problems even at such a young age. As with many things, it seems early intervention is important for vision as well!

In all honesty, I would have never taken Deacon in unless he seemed to develop some vision issues later on down the road; because that is simply not something I have heard much about. If you are curious or want to know more, then you should really check it out and look into the InfantSEE program.

Should you decide to take your little one in, here are a few pointers that I have for you based on my experience:

  1. Take food/be prepared to feed your kiddo if necessary. Situations like these are out of the ordinary and sometimes a feeding or a little snack is just what your little one needs to make it through.
  2. Be prepared to have their eyes dilated. This was not expected and terrifying to me because I have had a bad reaction to eye dilation in the past. My little one did well with it and seems to be doing fine now, but it was definitely a little scary for me in the moment.
  3. Be prepared for it to take a while. It is a full exam, and there was wait time for eye dilation, so it took some time, but I am glad we took him in.
  4. Ask questions!

Overall, I would say the experience was a good one and I am also glad that I found this information out and can share with anyone who is interested. I feel good knowing that we checked everything out with Deacon and it is nice to have an early record so we can begin developing documentation of his eye health.

Yay to Happy Seeing for your little ones!!




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