Baby’s first trip is coming…

Traveling preparation manifests many emotions. While excitement is typically the primary emotion, stress (and even a little bit of fear…if we are really being honest) is often present. When you bring into the equation the fact that it is Baby’s first stay overnight (except for Nana’s which has all the necessities), packing stress levels are little more elevated. My husband and I have a tendency (for better or worse) to be “planners to the extreme.”I can’t help but think that more times than not it works in our favor, but it often seems to leave us with feelings of unpreparedness (even when that is not the case). With that said, the following are some items that we purchased with our upcoming trip in mind.

  1. Baby Bjorn Travel Crib Light: We have a playard that we love by Chicco, but we
    travel light
    photo source:

    wanted something that was really easy to travel with and our Kiddo currently sleeps in the other in our room (we are working on transitioning to his nursery crib after the vacation). We are REALLY hoping this one works well and he sleeps as well as possible on vacation.

  2. Ciao! Baby Portable High Chair: This purchase was made
    ciao baby chair
    photo source:

    mostly for the beach (although I hope we get A LOT of use in other places too while on vacation). I wanted a place where our little guy could get out of the sand and in a different position than being on a beach mat (0ther than just our arms of course!).

Please stay tuned, I plan to share information about our vacation adventures! I also plan to discuss what we ACTUALLY used while away, and what we could have skipped in the packing process! Fingers crossed for happy traveling!





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