I found it…

…the best nursing bra (in my opinion)! After trying many bras, this one (which I now have in multiple colors) has been my go-to for nursing comfort and support. While it is certainly not frilly, it keeps me feeling adequately supported and comfortable! Check out the Bravado Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra!

I purchased the Coobie Nursing Bra after underwire bras did not work well for my body. I quickly learned that I did not like it for my every-day go-to bra because of the location of the straps (they are very difficult to hide with many blouses). However, I did not quit using these bras all together. I call these my “comfy Sunday bras”. My wear with yoga pants type of bra. These bras are great for those days.

The following two bras were my first purchases and I thought they were going to be a hit! However (as you may read during breastfeeding research), underwire can sometimes cause plugged ducts, and my body took every opportunity to plug right up! So, underwire did not work for me!

The Le Mystere ‘Mama Mia’ is super pretty, especially since we are talking about nursing bras, but as I said underwire really was a bad idea for me. Underwire has a tendency to plug milk ducts for some people. I was one of those people. I fought that issue (especially when trying to wear underwire), and I also suffered through a couple cases of mastitis, so pretty just wasn’t a priority for me!

The Anita Spacer Foam Underwire Nursing Bra was my least favorite out of the ones I tried. It was very uncomfortable for me and I felt really restricted. That was a feeling that was simply not okay with me.

So if you are in the market for a nursing bra, I hope this little bit of information helps. There are so many options and I honestly quit looking after I found the Bravado bra. If your experience with nursing is anything like mine, comfort and support are key, so that bra was perfect for me!!

*Simple Disclaimer: all of the product information I provided was provided solely because I looked into that information or used the product. I am not receiving anything for mentioning the products, I am simply sharing the information for anyone who may be interested. 🙂



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