Hold Your Family Extra Tight

As a new mother I feel an increasing need, which sometimes provokes a bit of anxiety, to do the right thing in raising my child (because how do we TRULY know if we are doing everything RIGHT!?). But I will tell you that characteristic is one that I have possessed my entire life. I am lucky to have been raised by parents who nurtured and reinforced that trait in me. My goal as a mother, wife, daughter, friend, etc. is to do the same.

The latest unjust acts that occurred in Dallas, among so many devastating acts that have occurred recently, give me pause because sometimes I feel like that is all I can do (pause). I chose to write this at this point because Dallas is so close to home. So, here are my thoughts.

As humans, we are one. That is my belief. I also believe that everyone is entitled to their own beliefs. While my opinion is just that, an opinion, I believe more than anything we have lost an inordinate amount of respect and consideration for one another as humans. What I plan to teach my son, and will think about as I am holding him tight tonight, is as humans we must respect and consider others. If we ever find ourselves in a cycle of such where we can respect and consider others because and despite their beliefs, rather than act out violently because we refuse to do so (which is the current cycle in which we appear to be stuck), we can live as one and accept that we are all human.

My final thoughts are this, I will tell you that all the horrific and unjust acts that have occurred as of late  fill me with fear. As a mother of a sweet young baby boy, I truly don’t know what the future has in store for him. I don’t know who he will love (but I wish for him true love, whoever it may be), what career he will choose, etc., but what I do know is I will hold him tight and love him unconditionally through it all. My hope is that I can love him in such a way that will make it possible, free of fear, so he can be whoever it is that he is destined to be when he is older (and as he grows as a young boy). I hope that whoever he becomes, he lives in a place where we can accept others for who they are and live as one, humans, with respect and consideration.

I would like to say that my thoughts are with all those who have lost someone due to any form of violent injustice…really to anyone who has lost someone. Losing a loved one is so devastating. 

Hold your family extra tight tonight…and for the rest of your nights! I know I will! 


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