My FAVE FIVE Baby Goodies

So, when I became pregnant I quickly learned that the product list for your new bundle of joy, and also older children, is simply endless. Being the planner that I am, I researched products and reviews, and tried to be as prepared as possible. As I am sure you may not be surprised, when our little one joined us, we ended up with things we honestly have not used much (and are hoping we may use with the next kiddo…later on down the road if possible) and things that we needed to buy. What works for every parent and child  can be very different, but I have included my FAVE FIVE in Baby Goodies. These are items/tools I literally use on a daily basis (typically many times a day). While we use other items frequently, these are items that I honestly feel have improved our way of life a bit as new parents. Please consider this information simply as that, information. You will quickly figure out what works for you (if you haven’t already), but I will be really honest, I NEVER thought I would need almost ALL of the items on this list. I have included links to the items if you would like to check them out.

This item is at the top of my list because I truly feel like I could not live without this little
gem! The Owlet monitors a child’s heart rate and oxygen levels. It is designed to alert you

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if a child stops breathing. Our little guy is still sleeping in our room (first a bassinet and now a playard…trying to transition to his crib is a current struggle even for nap…but that is a whole other post!).  My husband and I quickly began to use the Owlet not only for safety monitoring, but during those very limited sleep nights we learned that if our little guys heart rate was at a certain level…he was probably REALLY asleep and it might be safe to put him down (he might even sleep for 2 hours!) We did this by checking the levels on the app, which is a nice additional feature. Now, I am not saying that is how the Owlet should be used, it is just another way we found it to be helpful! Now that our little guy is sleeping longer stretches and we are getting in more solid sleep, it is so nice to know that we have the Owlet to help alert in a time of need!


Munchkin Latch 90 Second High Speed Bottle Warmer
This is an item that I have really grown to appreciate after some serious frustrations with it along the way. The best part about this item and what keeps us on board with the

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product is speed. The bottle is warmed to an appropriate temperature in about 90 seconds! The worst part, the mineral deposits that build up and cause the heating mechanism to be unable to heat the bottle adequately. After frustratingly trying other products because of the issue (mineral deposits build up quite frequently when a child has 7 or more bottles a day!), we went back to the Munchkin Latch Bottle warmer, and just clean it about every 2 days (the manual tells you how to prepare a solution to do so)! The other products/techniques which take much longer to warm the bottle, simply did not work for us! At the end of the day, time is of the essence, and 90 seconds with a HANGRY baby is long enough to wait!



Aden and Anais Burpy Bib
We LOVE these adorable burp cloth/bib combos! I say “we” because they are my husband’s

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favorite burp cloths, as well. We have others, but it is like we are bummed out when we reach to grab a burp cloth out of the drawer and all of these are in the laundry basket (it is incredible the amount of baby laundry that builds up over just a couple of days)! While there are a lot of cute patterns to choose from, what really makes them a favorite of ours is their comfort (they are super soft and the shape lends itself to stay easily on your shoulder) and they are versatile (you can wrap and snap them as a bib while you feed and then pop them up on your shoulder after to burp)! I never thought I would have such strong feelings about a burp cloth, but these are really great!


BabyBjorn Carrier Miracle
Let me just start by saying that Deacon HATED this at first! I was so bummed because I

Photo from

wanted to be one of the adorable baby pack toting families and his initial aversion to the product was incredibly disheartening! Here is what I learned (everything as a new mom is a learning process), Deacon does not respond well to trying out new things when he is upset. For him, change is even more upsetting. Our attempts at soothing him with new things when he was younger were often ill-fated! However, I quickly learned how he responded to such efforts and continued to try to use this product in small increments when he was in a very good mood and now he LOVES it! Not only do I get to be the mom wearing her adorable baby at the farmers market or mall, but it is also useful at home. Deacon has “washed” many a dish with his Mama and prepared bottles, too (bring on the early measuring lessons, lol!). All baby toting cuteness aside, it is important to note that this is comfortable to wear and the baby feels very secure!




iBaby Feed App
This app should be called something like, “iEveryMamaNeedsThis” or something a little

Screen shot from

catchier! I mentioned this in my Breast Feeding-Stressed Feeding post, but I am going to talk about it a little more because it has been very useful! In the very early days of your newly minted mommy/daddy-hood, the feeding and weight tracking component is amazing! Especially when you are so sleep deprived you want to make sure that you really did wake up for the 3 o’clock feeding! I also LOVE the expressing/pumping component of the app! It is so fulfilling to check out how much milk you have expressed throughout the day when you finally get a chance to lay down in the evening (or at least it is for me)! I kind of feel like, “Yup, along with everything else I did today…I did that, TOO!” But it really is nice because you can kind of monitor your supply levels that way, as well. The weight tracking component is a great feature, too. We weigh Deacon after his baths (most of the time) to monitor his growth, so it is nice to have everything in one place (and even nicer that it is on our phones-my husband and my mother have access to it on their phone as well so we can all stay on the same page).


All of these tools/products are things that I am really glad we have access to as parents. If you decide to check/try them out, I hope your experience is a positive one. Regardless, you will figure out what works best for you and what is just not a good fit!

*Simple Disclaimer: all of the products and information I provided was provided solely because I use the products. I am not receiving anything for mentioning these products, I am simply sharing the information for anyone who may be interested. 🙂





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